jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Layout : à la manière de " Flapacha "

Exercice d'animation © " Flapacha " Xilam production from Alves lea on Vimeo.

4 commentaires:

  1. hey !!!! je liffe trop flapacha !!!!

    ça déboite trop hahahaha

    bien joué, t'as fait ça sous toshop ?

    des bisous ( et je rigole pas hahahahh,,,, non j'rigole)

    N'Cha !

  2. oui , non je déconne ^^

  3. Hello, do you speak english?
    This backgrounds are very nice. I'd like to know who's the one who lives in that tree house... i see floopaloo but i dont know that.

  4. Hello, I speak a broken English! thank you for your comment,
    euh… I create the hut, but for me is lisa and matt who built it. she doesn't exist in the cartoon.
    who are you living ? do you draw ?